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BSc. (Hons) Psychology
Prof.Dip Psy C
MNCPS (Accred)

Person Centred Psychotherapeutic Counselling based in Wokingham, within easy reach of Reading, Bracknell and Crowthorne

Whether experiencing anxiety, stress, loss, or just too many life-events happening at once, we all benefit from  talking to someone. Discussing our thoughts can help us to order them and put them into perspective so we feel less generally overwhelmed as a result.


However, we typically don’t feel we can approach those closest to us as we might not want to bother them, we may feel they will judge us negatively, we could cause them to worry, or possibly even cause offence by what we say. In such times we need to talk to someone who isn't involved in our life circumstances and is there just for us, this is  where counselling helps.

This is your space to talk.

I aim to help you deal with your current issues by integrating the most appropriate therapeutic methods into your support (Integrative Support), to facilitate your re-shaping of your life towards how you would like it be, whilst finding the new and stronger version of yourself along the way.

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Studying at Home

Psychotherapeutic Counselling in Wokingham and beyond.

I offer traditional face-to-face/in-person appointments in a comfortable, well ventilated (risk assessed) therapy room in Wokingham town centre, close to parking for ease of access if you are travelling by car.  We are less than ten minutes walk from Wokingham station if you are arriving by train.

Alternatively, the Covid-19 lockdowns have shown us that telephone and online counselling sessions also work very well. No travel plus being in the comfort of your own home promotes relaxation and openness resulting in highly effective therapy.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


If you would like help with any of these feelings:

Anxiety - however it manifests for you

Depression - emotionally on a downward spiral

Stress - constantly in 'fight or flight' mode

which could be caused by any of the following : 

Work issues

Work-life balance

Family or relationship conflict

Parenting issues

Low self esteem


Life Transitions

Moving home

Struggling with weight loss

- and many more

We can work through it together.

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You may have many and varied thoughts going around in your head but:

you can't talk to friends in case they think you are being pessimistic,


your partner in case you worry them even more, 


you want to protect your parents


certainly not your children....


Come and talk to me. 


Share those thoughts.   

Having a discussion with someone who is not going to judge you is cathartic, helping you rationalise and work through your thoughts, in turn alleviating some of the stress you are feeling and allowing you to focus more positively on your treatment and your future.

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Trauma comes in many forms, it can be from:

specific incidents or situations encountered,

long-term underlying or obvious abuse,

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

without re-traumatising you we can acknowledge the cause

and then work through the effects.

We will work out what is right for you.

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Everyone grieves differently.


Bereavement is the loss of a loved one, a close relative or friend, or a child due to SIDS, stillbirth or miscarriage.

However, there are other kinds of loss too, for example the feelings of having been made redundant from work, losing a home, partner or friendship...

There is no set timescale or exact process you should be following in your recovery, everyone deals with it differently.

Regardless of how long it has been since a bereavement or loss and you feel you would like to talk about how your experience is impacting you, please come and talk.


Angela Price BSc. Psychology  GMBPsS  Prof.Dip Psy C.  MNCPS (Accred)  MBACP


I have a BSc (Hons) in Psychology which included some practical experience in a hospital.  After completing a masters degree my career path took me into the world of IT.  Here, I found my niche in  supporting highly stressed people in pressured environments.  I was also involved in mentoring younger personnel, providing emotional support for my peers and, on occasion, my customers. 

I completed counsellor training, drawing together my psychology background and my much-practiced listening skills in order to help individual clients on a one-to-one basis.  I loved my corporate career but am very happy to be retired from it and now able to focus fully on my practice providing counselling in Wokingham.

Having the right counsellor is the most important part of therapy so I offer a  20 minutes free initial consultation by phone for you to gauge whether you feel we can work together.

I am fully insured, a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), an accredited registrant with the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS), a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), trained by Cruse Bereavement Support and accredited with the Foundation for Infant Loss.


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The therapist-client rapport is the most important part of a counselling relationship.

I offer a free 20 minutes trial session by phone so you can get an idea of how you feel about talking to me. 



Individual sessions last for 60 minutes at a rate of £60.00 per session, payable by bank transfer or cash on the day.

Student rates and low-cost sessions available. 


For zoom appointments the link will be emailed around 5 minutes before the appointment.

For face-to-face/in-person appointments in Wokingham, meeting room details will be supplied via email.


I will respond to emails and voice messages within 24 hours.

Please leave a message on phone number: 07835 733 329

Or complete my enquiry form which will be emailed to me directly.

We can book a counselling session either in central Wokingham, or online.

Thank you for your enquiry!

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